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Fluorescent Dye for Fungus Detection*Ⅰ

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Introduction】Fluorescein in the fluorescent dye for fungus detection can bind with high affinity to the β-polysaccharide on the fungus cell wall, thus labeling the fungus present in the sample and emitting blue-white fluorescence under the fluorescence microscope.


Detection of various types of superficial and deep suspected fungal infections, mites, scabies, etc.


Dye and Instant observation,Simple operation

High specificity, strong anti-interference ability

Fluorescence presentation, typical morphology of pathogenic microorganisms, accurate judgment

Effectively differentiate various types of germs and infections

New fluorescence staining technology, meet the demand

【Applicable departments】

Dermatology, Respiratory, ICU, Hematology, Neurology, ENT, Stomatology, Pediatrics, Laboratory, Pathology