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Medical Equipment Procurement Specialist

Job responsibilities.
1, implement the procurement system as well as related processes;
2, for raw material procurement as well as finished product procurement, and organize the bills and financial docking;
3、Provide support for sales, develop and maintain suppliers, organize and summarize potential supplier information;
4、Summarize and analyze the procurement business, and effectively control the procurement cost;
5、Coordinate the monthly procurement budget of each department.

1, bachelor degree or above, majoring in biomedicine and other related majors;.
2, work proactively, work seriously, hard, careful, responsible, strict requirements for their own.
3, skilled operation of Word, Excel, office and other commonly used office software.
4、Have good communication, execution and negotiation skills, strong teamwork spirit, can withstand a certain degree of work pressure.
5、Able to take the initiative to solve problems in the work, with a sense of responsibility.

Company benefits:
1、Comprehensive welfare treatment: complete social insurance; national legal holidays, double vacation, paid annual leave complete; holiday benefits, regular group building, free shuttle bus;
2、The company will provide all kinds of training according to job requirements;
3, for excellent performance and willing to develop with the company for a long time with the talent, the company will focus on training, to provide a wide range of promotional opportunities
4、The company's office environment is comfortable, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, youthful vigor.

Position benefits: five insurance and one gold, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, double weekends, regular group building, free shuttle bus, flexible work, multiple salary adjustments each year!