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Acid Resistant Staining Solution

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Introduction】Acid Resistant Staining Solution binds to acid-resistant mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the specimen through immunofluorescence technology. The surface of Mycobacterium antacidum is rich in lipids, and the goldamine O in the reagent is a fluorescein that can produce strong fluorescence, which can be attached to Mycobacterium antacidum, and through the excitation of ultraviolet fluorescence of fluorescence microscope, the Mycobacterium antacidum stained with goldamine O emits very strong yellow-green fluorescence.


Detecting acid-resistant mycobacteria in the body, accurately distinguishing tuberculosis infection


Sensitivity and accuracy: The method of using Auramine O fluorescent antacid staining has higher sensitivity and specificity compared with traditional antacid staining solution, and can be used as an effective means of diagnosing tuberculosis;

High detection rate: the antacid property of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is destroyed in some patients who have been taking drugs for a long time, but the fluorescent staining property is still retained, which can be detected positively by using Auramine O fluorescent antacid staining method;

Easy to observe: the morphology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is typical during microscopic examination, the fluorescence effect is obvious and the contrast with the background is large; a small number of strains can be observed;

Time-saving: only need to observe under 40x microscope, the observation field area is large, compared with the conventional staining method using oil microscope to observe the same area of the field of view requires a shorter time.

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