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Fungal Double Fluorescent Stain *Ⅰ

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Introduction】Fungal dual fluorescence staining solution can be specific binding of dander specimens, through the specific binding of the fungal cell wall issued blue-white fluorescence, at the same time can be combined with the specific binding of the epithelial cells issued yellow-green to orange-red fluorescence, so that the fungus in the microscope is more clearly rendered, and is conducive to the accurate diagnosis of fungal infections and timely and effective treatment.


Detecting all kinds of superficial and deep suspected fungal infections, mites, scabies and so on.


Simple and fast: no need to treat the specimen, instant dyeing and viewing.

High specificity, strong anti-interference ability

High recognition: typical morphology of pathogenic microorganisms, high recognition.

Double staining, can quickly find the fungus in low magnification, higher clinical detection rate.