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Fluorescence Microscope

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【Introduction】The orthogonal biological microscope is equipped with a specific fluorescence module, which can observe the specimen after staining by fluorescence, so that the specimen shows brilliant and colorful fluorescence effect under the mirror, and it is widely used in the fields of medical examination, pathological diagnosis, immunofluorescence, cell observation and so on.


Adopt UCIS infinity corrected optical system;

LED light source: ready to use, no need to warm up; long service life, low labor maintenance cost;

Complete microscope configuration: trinocular barrel, optional CCD camera, fluorescence accessories, convenient;

Fluorescence accessories: LED light source, a single accessory can be matched with four sets of filters (UV/B/G/R/Y) to meet the fluorescence detection in different fields, and the switching of different channels of fluorescence can be easily realized only by pulling the lever;

CCD camera: 5 million/6.3 million/20 million pixels, USB2.0/3.0

【Application Scenarios】

Hospitals, research institutions, laboratories, universities

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