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Immunochromogenic reagent*BL-01

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【Product Picture】Product Description] Immunochromogenic reagent has good color separation ability for DNA and RNA of pathogenic microorganisms, and combines with pathogenic microorganisms for staining, under the excitation light of fluorescence biomicroscope (blue light band), the labeled pathogenic microorganisms emit different fluorescent light in the dark background, so as to clearly present their morphology and structure, which is easy to identify, and helps to improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.


It has high color separation ability with DNA and RNA in cells and pathogenic microorganisms, and can mark pathogenic microorganisms in samples, emitting yellow-green fluorescence under fluorescence microscope, highlighting the morphology of cells and pathogenic microorganisms more clearly, easy to identify.


Used for the detection of various specimens of human body (such as vaginal secretion, cervical exfoliated cells, sputum, pus, pleural and abdominal fluid, lavage fluid, urine, etc.), the cells, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. present in the specimen can be identified by fluorescence staining.


Dye and Instant observation,Simple operation

High specificity, strong anti-interference ability

Fluorescence presentation, clear observation of each pathogenic microorganism morphology judgment

Effectively differentiate various types of simple/mixed infections

New fluorescent staining technology, meet the demand